建立绿茶技术、管理、人生分享学习小组——Tea&Tech Study Group

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在每周三和周五早上10点半到11点多,我们很自由地组织与组合,于是大家便有了一起看书与分享人生观与知识领受的时间。对于一个前端开发工程师来说,我们多数的知识来源于 Google、HTML5Rocks、CSSTricks、Stackoverflow……(是的,很多网站是需要智能翻墙的),看书的时间很少,与团队亲密分享的时间也不多。但在目前看来,即便是一个非常纯粹的技术性团队,其团队核心的元素,仍然是彼此相感、分享及至连结的人际关系。我们这些 geek 的幸福,不只是来自像解复杂方程式算法的技术快感,而是来自于在解完之后跟别人的分享和从别人的分享中得到的关系稳固,给予友爱与得到友爱的喜乐。

2015-03-27_P1000446      2015-03-27_P1000450

其实,从这点来看,学习小组只是个媒介与平台,真正的功效,在于我们彼此分享中得到的关系,还有在技术、人生、管理、项目、心理、英语上的眼界。正如我们学习小组所读的书《爱是一种选择》(Love is a choice, by Hemfelt)所描述的,我们人的内心有一个爱槽,这个爱槽需要来自父母、老师、同学、亲人、社会、同事及至圣子和教会的浇灌,我们才可能得到一个有安全感与幸福的人生,而后,我们才可能从爱槽中流溢出爱心,给予周围需要爱的人。我们期待,我们的学习小组——在这样一个看起来相对安静寡言的技术牛人圈——给大家带来彼此浇灌友爱的机会。


  • 读什么?
    • 准备一个桌式书架,放上一些书,可以是流行的技术书籍(主要是 O’Relly的)、也可以有国际上受欢迎的管理实务理论和心理学,甚至圣经和家庭婚恋类的
    • 邀请大家彼此分享贡献一些好书
    • 团队经费专门购买
  • 分享什么?
    • 大家分享读书的心得
    • 也可以分享最近网络上学习到的知识和人生经验的智慧
    • 当然,还有家庭
  • 如何对其他团队更有影响力?
    • 写这篇文章就是期待它更有影响力
    • 拍些儿照片,发点儿微信
    • 和其他的 lead 分享,并邀请有影响力的人参加
      • 这个得益于圣经新约之提摩太后书2章2节的方法论
    • 细胞小组分裂
      • 细胞分裂的特性是新产生的细胞具有原细胞的DNA遗传与表达特性,而且其基础元素也由原细胞提供,但一旦成熟之后,则独立接受新的物质以继续复制自己。
      • 所以老成员会有一部分独立出去建立自己的新小组,以便把原来小组的特性带到新小组
      •  这是从基督教的内部学习小组学到的


1. 组长的成熟度;

2. 小组的教材。




It’s already been a while since we started the 30 Minutes’ Study Group. Today, I brought some tea from Fujian to the group for fun.


The US style culture has delivered our team a lot of capabilities for varieties of  the creative ideas, say, the Study Group is one of those.

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, we spend 30 minutes randomly and leisurely to enjoy the group. We read, we share and thus have a lot of fun with, not just tech books but also many aspects of management, psychology, as well as marriage and family life. Most of us, front-end engineers, have gained most of our tech ideas from Google, HTML5Rocks, CSSTricks, Stackoverflow…, but not very much from books, even more rarely from peer sharing. Interestingly, from my current personal humble perspective, even to a pure-high-tech team like us, the first thing of a project team is still intimate relationship and open atmosphere among all teammates. The happiness of every geeky developer, is not just the pleasure experience we achieved from getting a complicated algorithm done, but also, even more practically, from the firm relationship and joy built up within sharing one another.

2015-03-27_P1000446      2015-03-27_P1000450

From the stand point, I have to say the practical functionality of the Study Group in depth, is that it provides a platform to build up our relationship and gain knowledge of tech, life, management, project, psychology and English culture through the readings and communication. Like the book “Love is a Choice” by Hemfelt, every people has a “love container” which is storing our love that comes from our parents, teachers, buddies, relatives, spouse, social culture and workmates, even from religious group and faith. The level of fullness of the “love container” would decide the amount of love we could give to others. Hopefully, the Study Group would bring everyone a change of loving one another, to give and to obtain.

Here is how we do:

  • What to read?
    • Prepare a desktop book shelf with some helpful books. It could be popular tech books from O’Relly, also could be some management tutorials and psychological guidances, even Holy Bible or some other marriage related.
    • Try to invite teammates to contribute some of their favorite books to the shelf.
    • Spend out some budget from team building to books
  • What to share?
    • Book review and reading response
    • Or some knowledge and wisdom of life that individual gained
    • Surely, family life and marriage as well
  • How to create more impact to other teams?
    • Well, the blog post is trying.
    • Take some good pictures and share them to social medias.
    • Share the ideas to other leads in your company, as well as invite them to join.
      •  Why share to leads? I got the idea from 2Timothy 2:2, New Testament.
    • Cell group division
      • The secret of a cell division is that a cell delivers a new cell with all its steady DNA and proteins from RNA. That is what we want to do with new group creation.
      • More info, some members of the original group would be divided to the new group with recruiting some more new members.
      •  As well, I got the idea from Christian group.

Bottom line, as a say from a pastor of Beijing Shouwang Church, “The two crucial factors of a group, is the maturity of the group lead and good textbooks. ” Thank God that even we don’t do very good with these two factors, we have been still sticking it out for a while, and more importantly is, it seems many of us are happy and enjoying with the group. Why don’t you create your own one in your team?




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