WebStorm 卡得要死?来,充荤花挥你的 MacBook Pro 的内存吧 — WebStorm is unresponsive? Try this

For Mac Only

之前团队反映 WebStorm 卡,如今才发现是它的默认内存配置太弱。修改之:
WebStorm is dying and being stuck on medium/big project. Try this change for your Mac. Bash:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm/
cp /Applications/WebStorm.app/Contents/bin/webstorm.vmoptions ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm/
vim ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm/webstorm.vmoptions

Edit with:


重启 WebStorm
Restart WebStorm

注意,-Xmx 这个要根据你的内存大小。我的是 MBP 16G,还行,所以就调成3Gb。如果你够土豪,就再调高一些。
Tip: the value `-Xmx` is up to your Mac memory. For here I gave it 3Gb.