Better online conferencing solution for distributed software development team, with DSLR camera as WebCam for Zoom

Communication First.

Yep, a lot of effort has been wasted in your team in terms of communication? And you found your teammates have a lot of tensions during an online conferencing?

It’s time to make a change.


The major idea is:

Online conferencing over good audio + good video of faces & body languages.

In terms of good audio

It’s better not to use Mac / Windows speaker. IMHO, that somehow ruins the audio quality. Instead, use headset. Say for me, I have my Bose QC35.

In terms of good video

  1. You may need Zoom, not WebEx / Skype
  2. You may need a DSLR camera with good lens serving as WebCam, not laptop built-in camera



Here is my gadget solution and more explanations:

  1. Zoom
    • Has much better speed / stability over WebEx and even Skype in  US/China
    • With iOS/Android full support
  2. Olympus OM-D 10 mark II with M43 Leica 25/1.4 lens (Panasonic)
  3. Magewell HDMI to USB
    • Convert Olympus DSLR camera to USB WebCam video feed to Mac / Windows
    • Very low video delay
    • Buy now


It’s easy to make them in one piece to serve as WebCam for Zoom.

The video has more: