The best way for macOS to copy big / mass files to NTFS drive – Mac 拷贝大文件到 NTFS 移动硬盘


You may have read this blog How to Write to NTFS Drives on a Mac

It might be OK to follow the guide to copy small files, while it’s unstable for big files copy and it’s pretty slow.

Any safe way?

You are in the right place.

It’s VirtualBox + WindowsOS (Free copy from Micrsoft for Testing IE / Edge) + Shared Folder + USB Mount.

Here it is.


Get your VirtualBox setup with free and legal Windows OS

Install Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge on your Mac – 正版免费的安装 IE Edge 和其他版本在你的 Mac 上

Assign NTFS Drive via USB Port to VirtualBox

Share folder of your Mac which includes the file you want to copy to NTFS Drive

Start the VirtualBox instance and eject the NTFS drive from Mac

Note that, the IEUser password is:


Eject the NTFS drive from Mac once the VirtualBox instance started

It will show up in the Windows 10 once you eject it soon.

Find the shared folder in Network

Make sure you enable network sharing if you see none

Enjoy big file copy

You might want to compress your files into a zip file if you have many files.

It will accelarate copy speed since copy one big file is faster than copy many small files even they are in the same size.