Protractor E2E Test for Non-Angular Website (jQuery-based)




YouTube Video clip for usage of Protractor for Non-Angular

YouKu (China)

优酷视频 - 使用 Google Protractor 测试非 Angular 页面


Google invented Protractor over WebDriverJs Protocol with crispy designs on real world testing scenarios. It’s originally for AngularJS and people like it.

But what if you want to use it as an E2E framework for Non-Angular websites?

Say Paul is working on a project over Microsfot KnockoutJs. And I would like to have my team get the most out of Google’s hard and smart work.

That is the reason why I made this Protractor-jQuery, the utility to have Protractor running over jQuery-based websites (Non-Angular), as an End-To-End testing framework.

How to use it?


git clone
cd protractor-jquery
npm install

Start Mock Server

npm run serve

Run Cases

npm run e2e

Add Your Own Test Case

Create new suite under test/spec-e2e/pages/, refer them in test/cfg/protractor-config.js,#under “suites:”

I have already provided a demo suites “test/spec-e2e/pages/home” for you to get started. Just duplicate the folder and tweak it.

Debug A Test Case

# CASE_TITLE_SUBSTRING is the title of your case, could be substring of your case.
# Say npm run e2e "tech" is going to only run test cases that has title including string "tech"


Technical consideration

The main idea to tweak Protractor for Non-Angular websites, is to rewrite



Which is how Protractor handle all asynchronised requests. If any jQuery.ajax request is pending, then we wait until it’s done.


Protractor is runningConsole Output