Deprecated: Install Google Apps / Play Store for Yota3 / Yotaphone3 China version – 不建议:Yota3 电子墨水屏幕手机安装谷歌服务


This article is deprecated as Yota3 APK installer may crush due to Google GMS. If you want Google Apps in your Yota3, Please refer to:

刷机升级 Yotaphone 3 国行Android 7.1.1 成 Yota3+ 港行Android 8.1.0 – Upgrade your Yota3 to Yota 3+ International


Yota3 / Yotaphone3 is a Rassian Android phone which support dual screen, one of it is E-Ink Carta II.

But it’s released in China hance all Google services / Play store are ruled out.

Paul here to help.



You need to install apps from apkmirror that are
* arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
* Android 6.0+
* nodpi

Step #1: Install Google Service Framework 7.1.1

Google Services Framework 7.1.1-3515457 (Android 7.1+):

Step #2: Install Google Play Services

[Google Play services 14.7.99 (040400-223214910) (14799019) arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a](

Step #3 Install Google Account Manager

[Google Account Manager 7.1.1](

Step #4: Install Google Play Store

Google Play Store 13.1.32-all [0] [PR] 227779152 (nodpi) (Android 4.1+)

Step #5 Install Google Contact Sync

Google Contacts Sync 7.1.1

Step #5: Open Google Play Service and Login

After you install Google play service, it will automatically start and send you a notification saying it must be updated before use. Terminiate it and reopen in, login into your Google account (you need try 4-5 times as pointed out below).

Step #6: Add Play / Play service into Running background apps


  • Surely, you must have access to Google (blocked in China) before you’ve able to access Google Play

  • You may need to try 3-5 times on enterying your Gmail / password on first open your Play Store (no sure why)

  • Google Play Service will be updated after first successfuly login in Play Store


  • You must not update WebView to latest version, or Chrome will crush, so do any apps using WebView (say Youversion)
  • Disable Google Play auto-app updates
  • If you accidientally update it, you may need to remove it manually via third party apps (Say 应用宝)
    • Or try adb
    • Enable Developer mode by hitting Setting -> About phone -> Build number 7 times
    • Then go to Setting -> Advanced settings -> Developer options, and enable USB debugging
    • Install adb
      • macOS Terminal: brew cask install android-platform-tools
      • Windows: Please Google it
    • Connect USB to your macOS or Windows
    • Terminal dnter adb devices and you should see something like List of devices attached / **** device
    • Download file WebViewGoogle.apk pulled from Yota3 to local
    • Terminal install the app via adb install WebViewGoogle.apk (make sure you’ve changed dir to where you downloaded WebViewGoogle.apk)


Google account is automatically added

Play Store

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  1. i tried to install, but the first step itself is not going through. cannot install framework.

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