Yotaphone 3: Install any apps (Wechat / Youversion / Kindle U.S.) in backscreen (ink) – Yota 手机在背屏安装各种应用


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As you may know, Yotaphone3 China version by default only allows certain apps in Ink-screen (backscreen). And most of them are reverse-engineered — That means they are not original apps which may have been compromised by the notorious gov.

So I am here to offer how to install any original apps to backscreen.

Enable any apps in backscreen / Ink-screen

Install Yota Launcher and E-ink Launcher

Install original apps

With 应用宝 – For Chinese

  • The default “应用宝” is modified and carries potential risks. Uninstall it
  • Try baidu.com to search “应用宝” and install it.

Or With Google Play Store

Use 应用宝 or Google Play

  • Uninstall all native apps via E-ink launcher or 应用宝
    • Press any apps shown in E-ink launcher for 3 seconds and remove it
  • Install new apps via 应用宝 or Google Play
  • For Kindle Internation (not kindle.cn / amazon.cn), try this apk Amazon Kindle 8.9 apk – AppMirror

Disable CNNIC Certificates


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